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Portable TTY
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Portable TTY

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PortaView  |  Clarity Q90D
Portable TTY
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Krown PortaView

Image    Description Price
Non-Printing TTY Krown PortaView 20 JUNIOR
Krown PortaView 20 JUNIOR is Portable, lightweight and dependable... Krown-TTY's PortaView PV20 JR delivers superior communications for all your telephone calls! Krown-TTYs reputation of providing the most technologically advanced and highest quality TDDs at affordable prices is reflected in the PortaView 20 JR. Feature for feature, the PV20 JR is an excellent value when compared with other TTYs available today. It utilizes the same degree of quality engineering to provide years of the highest reliability and outstanding performance.

FEATURES: 4-Row keyboard. 32K Character Memory, 20 Character display. Rugged injection-molded case. Heavy duty Rechargeable battery. Acoustic cups to fit round and square handsets. Pre-recorded greeting messages, GA - SK combination keys for easy typing. NOTE: All batteries can run 3-7 hours when fully charged. All PortaView Series TDD/TTYs carry a 1-Year Limited Warranty.
$ 239.00

Optional Accessories
Printing TTY Carrying Case
Ideal carrying case protection for your TDD or TTY when away from home. It fits any Krown's TTY TDD.
$ 49.95
Printing TTY TTY Dust Cover
Prolong the life of your Krown TTY TDD by keeping it free of dust.
$ 12.00
Printing TTY Cell Phone Connector
2.5mm Headset Connector Cable. Option available to install a cellphone adapter to fit with selected cell phones or cordless phone cable.
$ 75.00
Accessories TTY Krown AC Adapter
Replacement TTY AC Adapter for Krown TTY TDDs.
$ 20.00

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Clarity Q90D TTY

Image    Description Price
Printing TTY Clarity Q90D TTY - Easy To Use, Portable
Use it anywhere, even in the car, and especially with digital cell phones. Lightweight and compact, the Q90 is compatible with digital cell phones that have TTY mode and many cordless phones so you can use it anywhere (connecting cord included). Hi-Speed code sends text at twice the standard speed, for quicker and more natural, economical calls.

Features: Has 2.5mm jack to connect and use with a cordless or cellular telephone. Large, high contrast two line display has back-lighting for easy reading. Bright visual ring flasher announces incoming calls, including cell phone calls. Built in microphone for hands-free Voice Carry Over (VCO)TM calls. Makes Hearing Carry Over (HCO) calls with optimal speaker or headset. Provides an audible ringer for HCO calls. Connects to many computer printers. Uses long-lasting rechargeable batteries with AC adapter (batteries included). Transfer calls easily to another TTY on the same phone line. "Wait for response" signals you when typing resumes after you have been put on hold. Built-in answering machine with remote message retrieval. 32K conversation and incoming message retrieval. 24 number memory dialing. One year manufacturer's warranty.
$ 249.95

Optional Accessories
Printing TTY AP-Q90 Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Recharge your Q90 while in your car. Indicator light shows when it is ready to use.
$ 19.95
Printing TTY AP-Q90 External HCO Speaker
Plugs into the Q90D TTY (part number AP-Q90D) for hands-free Hearing Carry Over calls. Compact size and adjustable volume.
$ 34.95
Printing TTY AP-Q90 Cell/Cordless Connecting Cord
Connects Q90 to a cell or cordless phone. (Replacement)
$ 9.95
Printing TTY AP-Q90 Connecting Cable
Cable to connect Q90D TTY to LVD (replacement). Cable to connect Q90D TTY to home printer (replacement). Connects only to dot matrix printers or printers that have a parallel cable port.
$ 14.95
Printing TTY AP-Q90 LVD (Large Visual Display)
Large super bright display with 20 x 1.0" tall characters. Adjustable brightness to suit your needs. Adjustable display speed and direction for ease of use. Optional color lens available. Large memory buffer (32K). Can be placed over a TTY. Connecting cable included.
$ 299.95
Printing TTY AP-Q90 Portable Printer
This compact and portable printer uses the readily available 2.25" wide standard thermal paper and offers your choice of standard, medium or large print size to suit your needs. Operates on AC adapter or battery (batteries not included). Connecting cable included.
$ 149.95

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